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Jib Arm Rental

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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s 10′ jib with dual-rail design offers enhanced strength & stability for creating sweeping cinematic movements, expanding your creative flexibility. Ease of packing and a quick no-tool setup system maximizes its versatility. This travel-friendly Jib extends backward as per operator convenience for better control.

    The robust camera mount confidently accepts 75mm/100mm fluid heads. The Jib is designed to mount a camera of practically any size, weighing up to 25kg / 55lb. The jib adapts can be operated with Ronin/Movi Gimbals using separately available compatible adapters.

    This travel-friendly Jib telescopes from the backside, which helps in the balancing of Jib. You can adjust the arm length from 6 feet to 10 feet. The ability to change the length allows you to use the Crane in various scenarios.

Showing all 2 results