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The RED DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 shot to fame overnight thanks to its breathtaking low-light performance.   With a 15 million megapixel count the RED DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 sensor with advanced colour science allows film makers to shoot 96fps at 5K, enabling reframing in post-production without 4K image compromise.

Multiple codec capture options means film makers can shoot in RED R-3D REDCODE RAW, 4K Apple ProRes 4444 or AVID DNxHR/HD formats at up to 275MB per second.

Featuring 16.5 stops of dynamic range, the RED DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 cinema camera produces images with superb details in the blacks.

A truly versatile workhorse, which can shoot 240 fps at 2K Full Format, the RED DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 from Sydney Camera Hire is at home of feature films, television drama production, documentaries and music videos,



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