Sydney Camera Hire
Skateboard Doorway Dolly Kit


Sydney Camera Hire’s doorway dolly skateboard kit features a split carriage design which ensures friction-free & smooth turning on curved tracks. Two carriages have 4 wheels on each instead of the traditional 8 wheels per carriage design which helps all 32 wheels maintain contact with the tracks even during turns. Custom made 100% sealed ball bearings provide extremely smooth dolly movement.

These ball bearings have been designed to withstand heavy loads and function incredibly well. The wheel carriages are articulating, adjust quickly and easily to variations in track vurvature for a very precise and smooth dolly movement.

The skateboard is made from high-grade aluminum and stainless Steel and can take an incredible payload of up to 680kgs. The Custom-Made High-Density wheels have been designed to withstand high payloads for an extended period of time without getting bumpy spots on them which usually happens with lower density wheels.


All equipment is available for delivery Australia-wide or pick-up from Fox Studios Australia, Moore Park. When enquiring please let us know your delivery details and we'll provide relevant pricing when quoting. Pick-up is free.