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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s RED KOMODO X features ground breaking new sensor technology that multiplies frame rate and dynamic range performance within a new advanced platform.  Featuring a next generation global shutter RED’s KOMODO X features a completely overhauled sensor with exciting new pixel design delivering improvements in detail and colour in shadows.

    RED KOMODO X’s expanded I/O includes updated monitoring capabilities with support for DSMC3 touch LCD, built-in USB type-c, as well newly engineered audio hardware, including a locking +48V audio connector with improved preamp.


    Providing cinematographers with the ability to capture 6K at 80fps, Sydney Camera Hire’s KOMODO X can shoot 120fps in 4k thanks to the new sensor design and processing, as well as having support for CF Express cards.

    Production ready, Sydney Camera Hire’s Komodo X continues the small form factor legacy but now with more advance I/O options, allowing for more professional monitoring, cabling and power as well as expanded capabilities like RED connect.


  • The Sony FX6 is a full-frame digital cinema camera with 15+ stops of dynamic range and includes Sony’s S-Cinetone gamma for filmlike skin tones. Featuring up to 10-bit, 4:2:2 XAVC-I recording, the Sony FX6 is ideal a brilliant tool for for documentary production, music videos, gimbal, and heavy lift drone shoots.

    The FX6 camera combines a 4K full-frame Exmor R sensor with a BIONX XR engine for highly sensitive capture. This in a range of settings using a base ISO of 800 and a high-sensitivity ISO 12800 mode for nuanced low-light scenes.

  • Featuring advanced controls with RGBLAC capability, Sydney Camera Hire’s Evoke 900C RGB LED Spot Light by Nanlux is a powerful yet compact fixture with an impressive colour temperature range and beam spread of 60°. Its variable 1800 to 20,000K CCT allows you to use it on interiors, exteriors, and mixed lighting environments.

    The Evoke 900C is dimmable from 0 to 100% in ultra-precise increments of just 0.1%. Besides incorporating lime, amber, and cyan LEDs, the light offers high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96 as your assurance of accuracy in colour rendering.

    The Nanlux Evoke 900C is a 940W from Sydney Camera Hire is a perfect solution for studio productions because it can be plugged into a standard AC outlet.  However, it can also run on an optional DC battery source when mains current is unavailable. This kit comes with a yoke, a 45° reflector, and a super clamp. A trolley carry case is supplied as well for easy portability, making it a complete lighting solution.

    One of the many benefits is a library of 15 special effects, including HUE loop, CCT loop, INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, police car, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, disco, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding.

    With a robust construction and a practical design, this 13 x 9.5 x 8.3″ fixture is rated IP55 for weather resistance, so you can use it outdoors or in wet weather.

  • An undeniable game changer from Red Digital Cinema, the The RED V-RAPTOR is an 8K VV DSMC3 digital cinema camera that is not a lot larger than the KOMODO with a new 8K sensor. The V-RAPTOR’s RF lens mount is compatible with a range of adapters, allowing cinematographers to shoot  with PL and EF lenses.

    Equipped with 17+ stops of dynamic range,  dual 12G-SDI outputs, and 16-bit REDCODE Raw at much higher frame rates than the DSMC cameras, means the Red Digital Cinema V-Raptor 8K VV can tackle any production you throw at it.

    Featuring a new 35.4MP full-frame sensor 17+ stops of dynamic range, the RED Raptor excels in low-light and has the lowest noise floor of any cinema camera in the RED lineup.
    When it comes to high speed shooting, the RAPTOR is in a class of its own and is capable of 8K 17:9 at 120fps, 6K S35 at 198 fps, 4K 17:9 at 240 fps and 2K 2.4:1 up to  600 fps.


Top Rated

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Fujinon MK50-135mm T2.9 Lens in E Mount is a lightweight cine-style zoom lens for E mount cameras with a Super 35mm-sized sensor. It features a mechanical design with three independent lens control rings: focus, iris, and zoom. Each ring incorporates a cine-style gear with a 0.8 MOD for interfacing with standard cine -style lens accessories. The focus ring features approximately 200° of rotation, which provides room or precise focus pulls, and the iris is clickless, enabling smooth iris pulls. The lens also incorporates a macro mode for close focusing capabilities.

    The lens is colour matched to other Fujinon lenses such as the HK, ZK, and XK series, which enables smooth intercutting between lenses. The 85mm front enables use with many cine-style matte boxes via use of optional step up rings (rings not included). The lens weighs only 2.16 pounds, which is fairly light for a cinema zoom that holds focus and aperture throughout the focal length range. It is designed for camera’s with a Sony E mount, so it has a short flange focal distance, but the lens allows flange focal distance adjustment so you can fine tune it to the camera you are using the lens on.

    * T2.9 to T22 aperture with 9 iris blades for attractive bokeh
    * The 28.5mm diameter image circle covers the 3-perf super 35 format with a 16:9 aspect ratio
    * Industry standard 0.8 film pitch gears for focus, zoom, and iris control
    * The gear rings positions for focus, zoom, and iris are located at the same position on both lenses in the MK series, making switching between the two zooms quick as you don’t have to adjust the position of lens accessories
    * Both lenses in the MK series have the same weight and length so there is no need to rebalance your camera when you change from one lens to the other
    * 200° focus barrel rotation
    * No shims are required to adjust the flange focal distance as this lens has a built-in adjustment mechanism
    * Macro focus function available
  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlite Fabric Grid for Para 150 Softbox mounts to the front of the softbox to minimise light spill and add directionality by tightening the beam angle to 60 degrees.

    The Nanlite Fabric Grid is great for selectivly lighting subjects without loosing the soft quality of light produced by the softbox. Attaches easily and swiftly via touch fasteners and folds down flat for storage and transport.

Best Sellers

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlite Fabric Grid for Para 150 Softbox mounts to the front of the softbox to minimise light spill and add directionality by tightening the beam angle to 60 degrees.

    The Nanlite Fabric Grid is great for selectivly lighting subjects without loosing the soft quality of light produced by the softbox. Attaches easily and swiftly via touch fasteners and folds down flat for storage and transport.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Aputure fresnel 2x lens features dual optical intensifying elements, a large 5.5” front Fresnel lens, improved ventilation, and the elimination of light leaks, making this the ultimate Bowens Mount Fresnel.

    The rear lens focuses and magnifies the beam onto the larger 5.5” front Fresnel lens, maximizing light utilisation. Our dual lens optical design makes the Fresnel 2X twice as powerful as the original Aputure Fresnel, and makes the 120d II almost 10 times brighter than with the reflector.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s telescopic scissor camera crane lets you easily capture creative shots usually done with high-end and expensive Technocranes.

    Extending the scissor arm puts the camera right where you need it. The flexible motion allows the arm to open 17’ out and then retract back in.

    High-grade Aluminum Crane Frame is lightweight & durable enough to hold 3-Axis Camera Gimbals like the DJI Ronin 2 with a maximum payload of 24kg/53lb.

    The Powermatic Scissor allows you to achieve fluid movements of extreme precision without any difficulty.

    Steady Fluid Head ensures perfect alignment of your 3-Axis Gimbal on Scissor Crane.

    Tilt Lock allows you to fix the jib’s tilt angle to get linear tracking shots.

    Pan Lock enables locking the jib’s pan movement for achieving high/low angle shots.

    6LCD Mounting Arm helps in attaching an LCD monitor for better viewing of shots; the arm can be mounted left/right as per your requirement.

    High-Performance 12V DC motor ensures silent operation and drives the jib smoothly.

    The Precise Controller very conveniently push-out / pull-in the jib length and control the movements.

    The system is integrated with a V-Mount Battery Plate, which adapts a 14.8V V-Mount battery to power the drive system

    The high-speed special 70 steel bearings ensure outstanding durability & strength while providing smooth soundless movement every time you extend or retract.

    It is perfect for tight indoor spaces as well as on-location shoots. It even fits into a private vehicle.

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