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  • Sydney Cameras Hire’s Contax Zeiss Super Speed lens consists of x 7 beautifully rehoused vintage Contax Zeiss lenses. Have developed a world famous reputation over recent years, Sydney Camera Hire’s Contax Zeiss Super Speed set ooze with character and create classic images on digital sensors.

    Featuring the same glass, coating and general design as the legendary Zeiss Super Speeds used by Kubrick in ‘The Shining’, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and ‘Lost in Translation’, in recent times some DOP’s have opted to shoot on Contax Zeiss Super Speeds over Zeiss Super Speeds because they cover full frame and large format sensors.

    Each lens in Sydney Camera Hire’s Contax Zeiss Super Speed set features interchangeable lens mounts, which can be fitted with PL, LPL, EF and E mounts, as well as, a 95mm front diameter, and a de-clicked aperture control ring. The lenses also feature standard mod 0.8 focus and iris gears at uniform positions across all of the lenses, enabling fast lens changes without having to adjust your follow focus position. Additionally, all of the lenses have 330° focus rotation for smooth and precise focus adjustments. Focus and aperture markings are placed on the sides of the lenses for easy viewing by focus pullers.

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