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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s telescopic scissor camera crane lets you easily capture creative shots usually done with high-end and expensive Technocranes.

    Extending the scissor arm puts the camera right where you need it. The flexible motion allows the arm to open 17’ out and then retract back in.

    High-grade Aluminum Crane Frame is lightweight & durable enough to hold 3-Axis Camera Gimbals like the DJI Ronin 2 with a maximum payload of 24kg/53lb.

    The Powermatic Scissor allows you to achieve fluid movements of extreme precision without any difficulty.

    Steady Fluid Head ensures perfect alignment of your 3-Axis Gimbal on Scissor Crane.

    Tilt Lock allows you to fix the jib’s tilt angle to get linear tracking shots.

    Pan Lock enables locking the jib’s pan movement for achieving high/low angle shots.

    6LCD Mounting Arm helps in attaching an LCD monitor for better viewing of shots; the arm can be mounted left/right as per your requirement.

    High-Performance 12V DC motor ensures silent operation and drives the jib smoothly.

    The Precise Controller very conveniently push-out / pull-in the jib length and control the movements.

    The system is integrated with a V-Mount Battery Plate, which adapts a 14.8V V-Mount battery to power the drive system

    The high-speed special 70 steel bearings ensure outstanding durability & strength while providing smooth soundless movement every time you extend or retract.

    It is perfect for tight indoor spaces as well as on-location shoots. It even fits into a private vehicle.

    • Most versatile professional 3-axis stabilization system
    • Monocoque carbon fiber frame design
    • High torque motors supporting cameras up to 30 lbs
    • Fine tune balancing for precision control
    • Self-heating hot-swappable batteries
    • On-board power for camera and accessories
    • Integrated camera controls
    • Built-in GPS & compatible with DJI A3 Flight Controller
  • Sydney Camera Hire’s rickshaw dolly is lightweight and portable, and is designed for use with 3-axis Camera Gimbal, Handheld, and Steadicam setups. It enables the camera operator to be pushed/pulled by a grip to capture complicated shots.

    The hydraulic twin shock absorbers used on both sides of Rickshaw reduce shocks and provide stabilised shots, making it suitable for smooth or rough surfaces.  The seat configuration allows you to have a long follow on the flat surface and then transition on to an uneven surface by stopping and having the operator walk away from the Rickshaw all in one continuous shoot.

    The seated position also allows the operator to position the camera to reach floor level for ultra-low shots. The hydraulic seat offers 360-degree movement, height adjustment and four back & forth positions on the platform.

    The main wheels feature 3 height adjustment points for adjusting ground clearance at 5” or 6” or 7” that allows the user to adapt the height corresponding to the rough and bumpy roads.

    Telescopic Handle with length range from 32”- 54” allows ease of handling to the operator. The platform has 10mm threaded holes and free holes for mounting cheese plate or other accessories. The rickshaw supports 42mm speed rails to install a shock absorber arm with 3-Axis Gimbal.

    You can also remove the seat, and mount a 50mm scaffold pole to the platform, to mount compatible gear.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Skater Dolly is the most sophisticated camera mounting platform available today. It is a rugged and portable dolly solution for filmmakers wanting a small footprint on set without sacrificing stability or safety.

    The Skater Dolly is all about being on the go weighing only 15 kg, it is easy to carry and quick to setup. It is light enough for one person to handle and just easy enough to manoeuvre on the fly. It is constructed of high-grade aluminium for a more robust yet lightweight build; and supports loads of up to 70 kg.

    Sydney Camera Hire’s Skater Dolly comes with 1.5″ speed rail/track, which can be configured into variable lengths of 4ft & 8ft. Compatible speed rail and end truss allows mounting the Dolly on Baby Feet, Long Legs, 5/8″ Pins, Tripod, C-Stand, Light Stand and various grip alternatives in seconds, allowing users to start filming in no time.  The camera can be inverted for underslung tracking shots on 4ft track length.

    The Dolly’s top mount may be quickly changed between 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Bowl or Mitchell Mount configurations to accommodate nearly any camera head type.  1/4″ -20 & 3/8″ -16 threaded holes on the rugged camera platform accommodates all industry-standard connections.

Showing all 12 results