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  • Incredible Illumination Output

    With a rated power of only 2400W, Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlux Evoke 2400B delivers outstanding efficiency as an LED, resulting in powerful light output beyond
    the 4KW HMI or 10KW Tungsten.

    Compared to traditional light sources, Sydney Camera Hire’s Evoke 2400B’s distinct advantages include no preheating or cool-down time delay, flicker-free,
    0.0%-100.0% dimming and adjustable color temperature allowing
    for greater flexibility, making lighting setups easier and more efficient.
    Making changes during shooting sessions is now effortless and time-saving.

    Magnesium + IP55 = Lightweight & Rugged

    The Nanlux Evoke 2400B from Sydney Camera Hire continues to employ the rugged and durable metal construction design of the Evoke family, with IP55 rating for both
    lamp head and power supply. Magnesium alloy is innovatively utilised on the Evoke 2400B for a ideal strength-to-weight ratio, together with structural optimisations, enabling it to be a lighter fixture body than other lights that with the same power output.

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