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Nanlux Evoke 1200B Hire

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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Nalux Evoke 1200B adopts 2 x 1200W LED chips in dot matrix form as its light source, providing a impeccable beam in the same category.

    The Evoke 1200B is renowned for its remarkable light efficiency, outputting up to 18,570 lux@3m 5600K with 45° reflector, beating 1.8K HMI Par or 2.5K fresnel with the ability of changing CCT in a twist. The Evoke 1200B also has an impressive flicker-free function making it the perfect companion for high speed cinematography.

    With advanced Bi-Color light mixing technologies ensures Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlux Evoke 1200B has continuity and accuracy in CCT change from 2700K all the way up to 6500K. The CCT adjustment is easily made at the turn of a knob, making CTO/CTB gels a thing of the past. The Nanlux Evoke 1200B also offers way more flexibility in filmmaking by simulating natural light from sunrise to daylight to sunset. Furthermore, the incorporated constant output functionality supports through range CCT tuning without any intensity shift at all.

    The Evoke 1200B’s whole-fixture is IP54 rated in a hermetically sealed structure to withstand inclement weather or extreme conditions, no matter it’s rain, snow or dust. The protection for power supply is enhanced to the same rating for more practicality, meaning the whole unit can stand side by side as long as the camera could work, rainforest, snowberg or even in sandstorm.

    Dimming is fine-tuned from 0-100% in 0.1% increment with great smoothness, and the sudden jump in low output section between 0-1% is eliminated. Five dimming curves available via DMX control to perfectly match exacting control request of industry standard: LINEAR, EXPONENT, LOGARITHM, S CURVE, GAMMA 2.2.

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