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  • The Proaim gimbal vibration isolator is a shock absorbing system with a 5-50 kg heavy payload capacity.  Equipped with a 3/8”-16 screw for mounting gear or accessories, the vibration isolator utilises strategically configured tension cables to support gimbals and absorb inertial movements.

    With interchangeable shock modules the vibration isolator allows highly fine-tuning of different camera setup weights.

    Interchangeable Shock Modules can be set up as 8,or 4 modules.  These modules come in three strengths: light, standard and heavy duty.

    These modules can also be combined with various strengths to achieve the exact payload displacement and stability you need.

    Blue Light Duty: DSLR, smaller digital cinema cameras or hard-mounted camera without a gimbal.

    Red Medium Duty/Standard: RED, Canon C300, heavy DSLRs with Cine primes with a gimbal-like a MoVI M5/M10/M15/Pro, Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX.

    Black Heavy Duty: RED, Alexa Mini, Ursa Mini Pro, Phantom Flex, etc. package with cine zoom, heavy primes and a large gimbal like a MoVI XL or Ronin 2

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