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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Canon FD prime lenses are some of the most desirable and sorted after lenses currently available.  These lenses are very similar is character, personality, and sharpness to the famed Canon K35 prime lenses, but the Canon FD lenses offer 330 degree focus throw and superior sharpness at the wide aperture settings. OOF highlights and bokeh are extremely pleasing, while offering an outstanding sharpness throughout the frame. The Canon VINTAGE-FD lenses help digital sensors achieve character and a “look” that is flattering to flesh tones and OOF objects.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Zeiss JENA MC prime lens set are full frame vintage lens, which produce classic images with incredible close focus performance.  Built after the Zeiss JENA Zebras, the JENA MC’s produce slightly more vibrant images while maintaining much levels of contrast compared to modern glass.

    Loved for their character, when light passes through them and hits modern sensors it leaves a distinct signature.  With almost no breathing and an amazing cinema focus throw, Sydney Camera Hire’s Zeiss JENA MC set create extremely cinematic images with beautiful bokeh.

  • Cinematographers who take pride in create unique images and making their work standout will love Sydney Camera Hire’s Carl Zeiss Jena Zebra vintage lens set.  Full frame, de-clicked and cine moded with EF mounts, the set comes with focus gears and 80mm front cine rings.
    Renowned for creating a classic old school, low contrast look, the single coating on the Cark Zeiss Jena Zebra lenses produce an adventuress vintage character with slightly lower contrast and vibrant flares as opposed to the more vibrant and punch images produced by our later multi-coated Carl Zeiss Jena MC vintage lens set.

Showing all 3 results