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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s 10′ jib with dual-rail design offers enhanced strength & stability for creating sweeping cinematic movements, expanding your creative flexibility. Ease of packing and a quick no-tool setup system maximizes its versatility. This travel-friendly Jib extends backward as per operator convenience for better control.

    The robust camera mount confidently accepts 75mm/100mm fluid heads. The Jib is designed to mount a camera of practically any size, weighing up to 25kg / 55lb. The jib adapts can be operated with Ronin/Movi Gimbals using separately available compatible adapters.

    This travel-friendly Jib telescopes from the backside, which helps in the balancing of Jib. You can adjust the arm length from 6 feet to 10 feet. The ability to change the length allows you to use the Crane in various scenarios.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s telescopic scissor camera crane lets you easily capture creative shots usually done with high-end and expensive Technocranes.

    Extending the scissor arm puts the camera right where you need it. The flexible motion allows the arm to open 17’ out and then retract back in.

    High-grade Aluminum Crane Frame is lightweight & durable enough to hold 3-Axis Camera Gimbals like the DJI Ronin 2 with a maximum payload of 24kg/53lb.

    The Powermatic Scissor allows you to achieve fluid movements of extreme precision without any difficulty.

    Steady Fluid Head ensures perfect alignment of your 3-Axis Gimbal on Scissor Crane.

    Tilt Lock allows you to fix the jib’s tilt angle to get linear tracking shots.

    Pan Lock enables locking the jib’s pan movement for achieving high/low angle shots.

    6LCD Mounting Arm helps in attaching an LCD monitor for better viewing of shots; the arm can be mounted left/right as per your requirement.

    High-Performance 12V DC motor ensures silent operation and drives the jib smoothly.

    The Precise Controller very conveniently push-out / pull-in the jib length and control the movements.

    The system is integrated with a V-Mount Battery Plate, which adapts a 14.8V V-Mount battery to power the drive system

    The high-speed special 70 steel bearings ensure outstanding durability & strength while providing smooth soundless movement every time you extend or retract.

    It is perfect for tight indoor spaces as well as on-location shoots. It even fits into a private vehicle.

Showing all 3 results