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  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlite Fabric Grid for Para 150 Softbox mounts to the front of the softbox to minimise light spill and add directionality by tightening the beam angle to 60 degrees.

    The Nanlite Fabric Grid is great for selectivly lighting subjects without loosing the soft quality of light produced by the softbox. Attaches easily and swiftly via touch fasteners and folds down flat for storage and transport.

  • Sydney Camera Hire’s Nanlite Para 150 quick-open soft box creates even lighting with a wrap-around quality and natural-looking catchlights. Its 43″ depth produces a focused light with increased directional control, minimal spill light, and significant falloff.

    The Quick-Open design makes the Nanlite Para 150 soft box from Sydney Camera Hire much easier to set up and breakdown compared to traditional softboxes that require the assembly of rods and speed rings. Nanlite provides both a 1-stop and a 2-stop front diffuser to enable even more adjustment of light quality. Also, using neither diffuser turns the Para 150 into a large reflector outputting high contrast light.

Showing all 2 results