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Nanlite Lantern 120 Easy-Up Softbox with Bowens Mount

Nanlite Lantern 120 Easy-Up Softbox with Bowens Mount


Ideal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level, the Nanlite Lantern 120 Softbox combines the omnidirectional light quality of “China Balls” with the durability and portability of a modern softbox.

Utilizing a 47″ spherical design, the Nanlite Lantern 120 has a broad 270° beam angle, allowing film makers to spread light in all directions and fill your set with soft, even light.

The Nanlite Lantern Softbox from Sydney Camera Hire includes a light control skirt set, which can be quickly attached to control the 270° beam spread and can also be rolled up or down to flag off unwanted light.

The Lantern 120 features an Easy- Up speed ring with spring-loaded rod locks. Quickly snap the rods into place to set up the lantern and then release them at the touch of a button for break down.

Created to be compatible with Nanlite’s Forza Series LEDs, the Lantern 120 utilizes a Bowens Style Speed Ring. This near-universal light modifier mount expands compatibility to an extensive range of LED, strobe, and constant lights.